What They Say



Working with great people with passion inside and can help more without any intensity to charge you more, hehehe. Great but in my humble opinion, coda must choose your own colors not only relying demand from customer

Agung Kusumawardhana

Marketing Manager | PT. Antam

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Innovative and out of the box. But required more people in order to follow up the on going project and giving services to the client.

Ariesta Marina Savitri

Marketing Head | PT Duta Sarana Indonesia


Creative , Innovative , Very easy to work with , responsible. Merupakan tahun ke dua mungkin ke tiga kerjasama kami dengan CODA , kami berharap dapat terus bekerjasama dengan CODA di tahun tahun berikut nya , dan CODA sedikit banyak telah memberikan dampak yang bagus pada perusahaan kami , terutama dalam hal penyebaran awareness mengenai product product kami. Keep up the good work CODA

Poppy Hanadhy

Managing Director | PT Aransemen Indah Terpadu


Fast and Furious you are. In other words you are fast and you need more drivers as you are not serving only one company. And also please master in HTML 5 so you may work closely with the giants. Thanks.

Uki Utama

President & CEO | Righthand Indonesia